BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach - Caregiving, Career, Life
BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach - Career * Life Transitions * Work/Life Balance * Direction
SPECIAL OFFER:  Seniors and their families are invited to attend a
private Senior Session to write "A Love Letter to My Family" - a family
guide for making the hard decisions during a time of crisis.  
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Are you a caregiver?  Many women are. You play a critical role, but too often your loving care takes a toll on your family life and career.  
Ease the strain.  Get the support and answers you need now:
  • Where do YOUR needs - personal and professional - fit into the picture?  
  • Do you know how to avoid the uncomfortable dynamic of becoming the "parent" to your parent?
  • Do you need to find ways to deal with your frustrations and challenges before responsibility turns into resentment?
  • Do you need help resolving family issues - delegating duties, setting boundaries, communicating openly, and making family decisions?
  • Do you realize the impact of caregiving on YOUR health, finances, career and relationships? 
  • If you leave your job to become a full-time caregiver, how many years will it take you to make up the financial loss?  Would hiring a caregiver ease any of the relationship and financial issues - or would they lead to feelings of guilt?  The answers are complex. Do you need help evaluating your options?
With advanced training in senior and caregiving issues, I have the tools and experience to help you and your senior navigate this difficult path.  Let me help you not only survive but thrive on your Caregiver's Journey.
As a Certified Life Coach, I have the skills to help you better manage the uncertainties and stresses of caregiving so you can focus on building a Legacy of Love.
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