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Blossom into the Woman YOU were Meant to Be
Are you a woman in transition - dealing with career and life changes?  
You've come to the right place!  I've helped hundreds of women just like you - strong women who want more out of life - direction, balance, self-esteem, personal and professional development...
Find out what a little TLC [Transition Life Coaching] can do for you:
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When was the last time someone focused entirely on YOU to help you  get what YOU WANT?  As your Life Coach. I will be your mentor, guide and motivator every step of the way until you get what you need.
This is your time to take control!
  • Career Transition: Downsized, overlooked, or searching to find the right path for you? Need help taking the next steps to fulfill your potential (career match, self-confidence, resume, interviewing...)?
  • Coach Training:Coaching is one of the hottest new fields! Learn how you can fulfill your dreams while helping others fulfill theirs.
  • Entrepreneur:Need help achieving the success and balance you crave? Take the Entrepreneurial Assessment and learn how to do it right - right from the start!
  • Relationships: Do you know what you want (and don't want) in a relationship?  Do you need help communicating or picking up the pieces?
  • Self-Esteem: Do you need to quiet your inner critic (and outer critics)?Do you want to build a stronger YOU to withstand life's challenges?
  • Family Caregiving: Do you know how to ask for (and accept) help?  Do you need help locating resources, setting boundaries, communicating?
  • Retirement: Are you searching for more purpose and joy? Do you have a retirement life plan?  Are you satisfied with the legacy you are creating?
  • Money: Do you need to focus on your budget, credit score, or savings? Do you need help teaching your children about using money wisely [budget, credit cards, etc.].  Do you need help dealing with money issues in your relationships?  You are not alone - and don't have to struggle with money issues all alone!
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As a Certified Life Coach, I am trained and committed to helping YOU blossom into the wonderful woman you were meant to be!
Create a Money Life Plan:
As a former Smith Barney Financial Consultant, I know how much money can affect your life decisions.  Don't let money (or someone else who controls your money) control you!  I can help you create a "money life plan" to build financial security. [I do not give investment advice.]
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