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BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach

Career * Life Transitions * Work/Life Balance * Direction

Grow into the Person YOU were Meant to Be

Are you in a career or life transition? You are not alone in these uncertain times!

The recent pandemic and economic turmoil have knocked us out of our complacency.  Are you one of the many people who are now seeking more out of life - career or life direction, security, balance, self-esteem, personal and professional development?  If so, you have come to the right place!

When was the last time someone focused entirely on YOU to help you get what YOU WANT? As your Life Coach. I will be your mentor, guide and motivator every step of the way until you get what you need.

This is your time to take control!

  • Career Transition: Downsized, overlooked, or searching to find the right path for you? Need help taking the next steps to fulfill your potential: skills assessment, resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview training, job search, self-confidence, direction?
  • Coach Training: Coaching is one of the hottest new fields! Learn how you can fulfill your dreams while helping others fulfill theirs.
  • Entrepreneur: Need help achieving the success and balance you crave? Take the Entrepreneurial Assessment and learn how to do it right - right from the start!
  • Relationships: Do you know what you want (and don't want) in a relationship? Do you need help communicating or picking up the pieces?
  • Self-Esteem: Do you need to quiet your inner critic (and outer critics)?Do you want to build a stronger YOU to withstand life's challenges?
  • Family Caregiving: Do you know how to ask for (and accept) help? Do you need help locating resources, setting boundaries, communicating?
  • Retirement: Are you searching for more purpose and joy? Do you have a retirement life plan? Are you satisfied with the legacy you are creating?
  • Money: Do you need to focus on your budget, credit score, or savings? Do you need help teaching your children about using money wisely [budget, credit cards, etc.]. Do you need help dealing with money issues in your relationships? You are not alone - and don't have to struggle with money issues all alone!

“I have worked with Betty on and off for the last 4-5 years and I have reaped great rewards from her expertise as a life skills coach. She has coached me through career concerns, elder care worries, transitions in my personal life and most recently in my own company. It is a pleasure to work with Betty in any capacity, especially when you come to a cross road in your life. She has a wonderful way of helping you to discover the path that is truly right for you.”

- C. Greer, Owner, Senior Move Manager, Transition with Care LLC

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about Betty. I hired her when I was considering a transition. Her thoughtful technique led me to understand the power of coaching and inspired me to obtain my certification in coaching. Betty has a vested interest in each of her clients. In fact, we still check in with each other even though it's been years since I was her client. I highly recommend Betty to anyone. She is someone we all strive to be."

- Cadie Jessup – Strategy Consultant/Motivational Speaker

Create a Life Plan:

As a Certified Life Coach, I am trained and committed to helping YOU grow into the remarkable person you were meant to be!

Create a Money Life Plan:

As a former Smith Barney Financial Consultant, I know how much money can affect your life decisions. Don't let money (or someone else who controls your money) control you! I can help you create a "money life plan" to build financial security. [I do not give investment advice.]

Contact me today for a free, private initial consultation!

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