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BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach - Career * Life Transitions * Work/Life Balance * Direction
Blossom into the woman you were meant to be
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My passion is helping women - just like you, who are facing life's changes and challenges - through personalized, individual coaching. If you are looking for someone to really listen to you and help you get what you want - in business and life - let's talk!
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To bring my insights and inspiration to a wider audience, I am also a community and corporate speaker, former columnist for several national magazines, and frequent TV and radio talk show guest. 
Just like youmy life has been a journey of challenging transitions.  My experiences in working through these transitions, plus my training as a Certified Life Coach, have given me the skills and insights to help make life easier for other women. 
Mother - Businesswoman - Caregiver - Life Coach:
As a mother with a prior career, I experienced the conflicting feelings that motherhood can bring. That is why I led a mother’s support group then and continue to coach moms now. 

As a career woman, I've experienced the frustrations of many job changes.  Nearly 20 years in legal and financial services taught me the business side of life.  They also taught me the importance of advocating for myself to be appreciated and recognized. These skills help me coach clients through career changes AND the transitions (relationships, finances, etc.) that career changes can bring!

As a Financial Consultant (with Smith Barney and as an independent), as a volunteer Community Financial Counselor at a women's center, and as a guest lecturer at numerous women's groups and colleges, I have focused on teaching women how to build financial security. Understanding money and 
resolving money conflicts are vital skills I share in my coaching practice.
As the recipient of a Certificate in Non-Profit Management from Duke University and a member of numerous non-profit boards, I have advised non-profit executives and boards - and can help you and your organization. 
As a long-distance family caregiver, I have experienced the frustrations and challenges of caring for a senior.  With my advanced training in senior and caregiving issues, I have learned how to help families and seniors deal with these challenges and build a Legacy of Love (instead of exhaustion, regret and resentment).
As a woman who has experienced a life-changing disability, I learned the importance of grieving, finding life balance, and moving on to write my next life chapter. That chapter brought me to my mission as a Life Coach where I can help other women write the next chapters in their lives.    
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