BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach - Career, Life Transitions
BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach - Career * Life Transitions * Work/Life Balance * Direction
HOW DO YOU DEFINE SUCCESS?Are you living your dreams - or have the transitions, relationships, and responsibilities in your life robbed you of your dreams and enthusiasm?  Sometime we don't know how to protect ourselves against "identity theft" - theft of who we are and all we can be. 
Has this happened to you?  TLC can help!  Here's how:

CAREER TRANSITIONS - Utilizing my advanced training to help you:
  • Skill Assessments, goal setting
  • Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, Marketing Yourself
  • Interviewing Skills, Salary Negotiation

"I thought long and hard about using the services of a career coach, thinking that I had managed thus far without using one and didn't see  a reason to change that. Needless to say that I changed my mind. Working with Betty made me realize that true coaching professionals like her can help you craft a better vision of yourself than you probably would on your own.
Betty was warm, knowledgeable and professional at all times and she clearly went above and beyond for me.
I highly recommend her services and personally look forward to the next opportunity to work with her."
        - Dele Otunla, MBA - Finance/Accounting Manager

  • New relationships: Discover and stand up for what you need; deal 
     with independence and communication issues; resolve money issues.
  • Separation or Divorce: Re-build self-esteem; make a plan to build 
     financial security; learn to trust and love again; write the next chapter.
  • Widowhood: Learn to be gentle with yourself as you go through the
     grieving process; then learn how to build your new life with confidence.
  • Empty-Nester: Learn ways to fill the "void" you may be feeling; find
     your identity outside the role of parent; find ways to strengthen your
     relationship with your partner.
  • Active Family: Learn ways to rediscover yourself, set boundaries, 
    find more YOU time, and deal with money issues.

"Thank you Betty for giving me the confidence boost I needed to get my business up and running again after being a stay-at-home mom for the past few years. It’s not easy to shift gears and become that professional person again but the great makeover you gave to my resume plus your time-management and budgeting tools and many other great tips have been tremendously helpful as I try to meld my family commitments and professional life! I think work-life balance is a struggle for most of us part-time or full-time working moms but I’m so glad to have you as a coach and supportive friend to guide me along this ongoing path to achieving it!"
        - Karen Reilly, MBA – Marketing Writer and Strategist

FAMILY CAREGIVING - Women are the primary caregivers in all stages of life. As this is a complex issue which impact your career and all facets of your life, I invite you to see the next page for an extended discussion.
RETIREMENT - Many women face special challenges in retirement, such as changes in standard of living, housing, relationships, and health. I  understand these challenges and can help you find solutions that can bring a greater sense of security, happiness and meaning into your life. 
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