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Betty Reynolds, Career Coach/Life Transtion Coach

6135 Park South Drive, Suite 510, Charlotte, NC 28210

BETTY REYNOLDS, Career Coach * Life Transition Coach

Career * Life Transitions * Work/Life Balance * Direction



Seniors and their families are invited to attend a private Senior Session at a reduced rate to write "A Love Letter to My Family" - a family guide for making the hard decisions during a time of crisis.

Click to ask for details: [email protected] [subject: Senior]      

Are you a caregiver? Many women are. You play a critical role, but too often your loving care takes a toll on your family life and career.  

Ease the strain. Get the support and answers you need now:

  • Where do YOUR needs - personal and professional - fit into the picture?
  • Do you know how to avoid the uncomfortable dynamic of becoming the "parent" to your parent?
  • Do you need to find ways to deal with your frustrations and challenges before responsibility turns into resentment?
  • Do you need help resolving family issues - delegating duties, setting boundaries, communicating openly, and making family decisions?
  • Do you realize the impact of caregiving on YOUR health, finances, career and relationships?
  • If you leave your job to become a full-time caregiver, how many years will it take you to make up the financial loss? Would hiring a caregiver ease any of the relationship and financial issues - or would they lead to feelings of guilt? The answers are complex. Do you need help evaluating your options?

With advanced training in senior and caregiving issues, I have the tools and experience to help you and your senior navigate this difficult path. Let me help you not only survive but thrive on your Caregiver's Journey.

"Betty is highly regarded in the senior living world. I like her presentation style and her interest in her clients shines through. After working with her many times I realised she had not just the vast knowledge and experience, but an entertaining style..often using life stories and experiences.

When I saw her possess that rare talent of engaging the audience I knew I would benefit from her coaching. Betty guided me through a few months of preparation for my Training career. She is very perceptive and "quick on her feet". She immediately tidied up my resume and bio, used my prior experience as a nurse trainer to transfer some of those skills to my current work. She polished some rough edges and enabled me to be more effective.

Betty is remarkable can learn much from her even over a cup of coffee!"

- C. Angela Burrow, NCCDP, Certified Alzheimer’s Dementia

Trainer & Person-Center Practices Trainer

As a Certified Life Coach, I have the skills to help you better manage the uncertainties and stresses of caregiving so you can focus on building a Legacy of Love.

Let's talk!

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